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Stories in the Woods


This eerie, poetic performance unfolded in the forest surrounding a heritage ammunition making site in Mississauga. Stories in the Woods led audiences through the night along paths in the woods where strange creatures waited to fill them with wonder and occasionally to provoke anxiety. Motivated by the climate crisis, and inspired by science fiction, the show brought the audience face-to-face with performers and the prospect of a future devastated by climate change.  Stories in the Woods involved high school and post secondary dance students to work alongside emerging and practiced dance theatre professionals.  The week long run included school workshops,  discussions and calls to action about climate change in an effort to drive positive social action and build awareness. 

Creative Team

Choreographic Concept, Director: Colleen Snell
Costume & Set Design: Noelle Hamyln
Dramaturge & Creative Mentor: Daniel Levinson 
Sound Design: Miquelon Rodriguez
Lighting Design: Joe Pagnan
Lighting Design Associate: Echo Zhou
Photography: Nettie Seip
Makeup Jonathan Craig
Makeup, Show Running: Nina Mueller
Cawthra Park Repertoire, Director: Rachael Lutes

With Thanks

Canada Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council

Mississauga Arts Council, Hazel McCallion Foundation, and RAMA Mississauga.


Sawmill Sid, City of Mississauga, Small Arms Inspection Building, and Blueheel Dance.


Video by Digital Apeture

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