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The Bookworks Collection honours the philosophy of re-purposing an object to enhance its value. Inspired by the graphics, colours and tactile qualities of books, each piece in the series invites the viewer to revisit and examine their personal experiences with books. The books  come from many places - estate sales, charity drives, book fairs, personal donations and independent book shops ... or in the case of commissioned pieces, the purchaser has supplied their own books ... meaningful books, text books, family books, or books from a practice or profession.  The books used in the non-commissioned pieces arrive damaged and tired. By working with these books, I aspire to ‘reframe’ and repurpose them while respecting their past lives. 

Looking to purchase a library? Please visit the collection here

Interested in having your books turned into a Library?


How many do you want to use?  I work with stock frames. The smallest frame (13" x 17") needs a horizontal width of 7.5"  books, the medium or square (21" x 21") size requires a combined book width of 11.5" and the largest size (17" x 21") needs either a combined book width of 15.5"  if horizontal or 11.5" if vertical. Note: The vertical size is preferred only for books that are at least 14" tall - such as picture books. 


Alternate Frame Options - I work with a wonderful framer. Together we can suggest and work to alternate interior and exterior dimensions to best showcase your books. Custom frames do tend to be pricier, so the final cost of the work will be higher. 


Frame Colour: Black or White? Custom: To be Determined


Price Point: small - $165, medium / square $185, large horizontal $210  

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