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Homes is a multidisciplinary, site-specific dance theatre work that re-imagines Port Credit’s history, and relationship with Lake Ontario. The outdoor production follows a captain and crew as they come face to face with the impact of Stonehooking - the removal of shale rock from the shallow shores of Port Credit and the Credit River.  The legacy of Stonehooking was to alter the ecology and aquatic life balance of the Lake.  The production begins positioning the Captain and crew as great adventures, who through dance and music are confronted by the spirits and presence of the Lake itself. 

Creative Team

Homes was commissioned by the Mississauga Waterfront Festival (MWF)

Original Cast: Miquelon Rodriguez, Andrew Gaboury, Kristen Carcone, Colleen Snell, Philippe Poirier

Costume & Set: Noelle Hamlyn including the mobile ship set

Original Story: Andrew Gaboury

With Thanks 

The Mississauga Waterfront Festival, City of Mississauga, Clarke Hall, Great Art for Great Lakes - Waterlutions, Frog in Hand volunteers

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