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Frog in Hand

Noelle Hamlyn is the Director of Design with Frog in Hand. With dance at the forefront, Frog in Hand blends disciplines, treasuring the interaction between space, place and the possibilities of narrative. Frog seeks to blur boundaries that separate art forms, artists, audiences and communities; collaborating with others who have similar aspirations. Frog in Hand  began with a cast of frogs in a back yard performing circus tricks under the artistic direction of young sisters, Noelle Hamlyn and Colleen Snell, who were two and five years old at the time. From this whimsical debut sprang the belief that art begins in humble places – including the mud and grass of  backyards. Although Frog in Hand is now a diverse collective of dancers, choreographers, musicians, actors, spoken word poets, designers and visual artists, Noelle's work with the Frogs is still inspired by where she finds herself. 

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