Costume for theatre and dance is a natural extension of my studio practice. As a costume and production designer, I believe in the power of the ‘non-verbal’ to shape narratives, emote and describe ideas. My diverse background in Technical Costume Creation, Textiles, Fibre, Fine Art, and Installation practices informs my artistic vision.  I explore form and fibres to make tangible the invisible realities of life that seem to be beyond words.  My methods and ways of working are interdisciplinary. I am familiar and comfortable with collaborative, devised theatre methodologies.  My long term goal is to seamlessly stitch my costuming and production design with my textile, and installation practices; blurring the lines between visual arts, design, installation, sculpture, textiles, costuming and traditional building techniques; to make real the imagined … which I believe to be the calling of theatre.

Noelle Hamlyn


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